Happy 3rd Birthday Irie Bliss

We are grateful for Sandy Bernier, CEO and Founder of Irie Bliss Wellness who has sponsored the GreenNurses at GreenNurse Group for the past year. Her sponsorship has allowed us to continue to grow and evolve. Our missions and visions have aligned and we are working together to serve our communities with both education and high quality CBD products from Irie Bliss Wellness.

Sandy Bernier Contemplates on her third anniversary of Irie Bliss Wellness.

"I sit here at 5 a.m. in quiet contemplation about birthdays, a time of reflection, celebration, and turning over a new leaf.  A time to thank our mamas for making us. The culmination of love, nurturing, and growth has resulted in the best year of my life. With all of the ups and downs that go along with life and work, I am not saying that it wasn't also one of the most challenging years of my life, both professionally and personally. But the take away is, that this past year has shown me that my baby can walk on it's own. Head high and into the light. The future truly looks bright at a time when it didn't always look like it was going to work. Now I have a baby that I am proud of, which is the best gift I could ever ask for! And with the first month of this new decade already almost behind us, I can't help but think about how lucky we are to do the work we do. The success stories keep us going and working to create the highest quality and most effective products on the market.  Thank you for being part of the Irie Bliss family"

Happy Third Anniversary Irie Bliss Tour with the OG GreenNurse Sherri.

Irie Bliss Wellness is an educational resource center and CBD Hemp Boutique located in the heart of Rockland. 221 Union Street, Rockland Mass

As Irie Bliss Celebrates their third trip around the sun they are grateful to be able to offer a Happy 3rd Anniversary Gift to you everyone through 2/7/2020.

Spend $100 on anything and received a FREE Apothecary Care 300mg Tincture.

www.IrieBliss.com Make sure you use "greennurse" for free shipping.

We are excited to be able to offer a 30 minute nurse consult and medical card through February 14th for $150.

Medical Cannabis Card, why register or renew with the Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Program?

What are the benefits of getting a medical card?

1. Save at least 20% on taxes. Medical patients do not pay taxes at the registered medical dispensaries.

2. 56 Medical Dispensaries approved for sales in Massachusetts.

3. Discount programs and vouchers

4. Medical Cannabis Home Delivery

5. Register up to two caregivers who are able to pick up your medicine on your behalf.

6. Higher dosed edible products for medical cannabis patients.

7. Patient supply is protected. Medical dispensaries must reserve 35% of their supply for registered patient’s.

8. Patients don’t have to wait in the same lines as adult use consumers.

9. Patient home cultivation is different. All registered patients are allowed to grow and maintain their own 60-day supply.

10. Federal medical protections exist.

Positively Processing Perception is our monthly support group that will be meeting next on Sunday 2/16/2020 and Sunday 3/15/2020 at the GreenNurse Group office at Irie Bliss Wellness. Check out the blog post on this amazing support group for processing emotions for post traumatic growth.

Check out GreenNurse Sherri's interview with the Cannabis Nurse Navigator Nique Pichette on their support group, Positively Processing Perception.



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