Mary Clifton MD and Cannabis Nurse Collaboration

Dr. Mary Clifton shares her perception of working with nurses.

Dr. Mary writes

"There was a time in the history of medicine, not so long ago, that care was delivered in a very hierarchical way. The doctor’s authority went unquestioned. The same was true in the cockpit, and also in some religious organizations. Strict hierarchies, however, never helped the person who needed care. Important information about the patient care sometimes went uncommunicated, out of respect for authority. It wasn't good for the patient, and to be honest, it never helped the doctors and nurses either.

It’s not like that anymore.

Time and again, the best run companies, the religious institutions that are standing the test of time, and the most successful medical organizations ensure that people work together as a team. The organization protects and values everyone, and that core value doesn’t just help workers, it enhances the care of the patient. Not only in the surgical suite and in the rehabilitation units, but every corner of medicine continues to increasingly embrace a model where the community of providers recognize and honor the value of every provider in that community. A group of medical professionals working together and bringing all of their specific talents to the team is always going to be superior to a strict hierarchy, and will deliver overall better care to the patient.

That is why I am delighted to share in the expertise of the Green Nurses Group. The challenges we face as medical professionals today seem almost insurmountable. The expense of medical care alone makes it unobtainable for so many people, and the lack of quality, individualized care for many patients is heartbreaking.There is no way to correct the problems that put us on this path without working to dramatically change how medicine is delivered to patients. We need innovation, and our patients need to be empowered to provide the best care for themselves. I’m excited to join a team of people who are devoted to providing excellent care for patients with compassion and kindness. We're going to make a difference, together."

We are grateful to have Dr. Mary Clifton as part of the GreenNurse Group team certifying patients via telemedicine in Iowa, New York and Vermont.

For Medical Cards Via telemedicine with Dr. Mary Clifton

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We are creating media together to educate from both nurse and doctor perspective for better health outcomes when using cannabis as medicine.

GreenNurse Grand Rounds with Dr. Mary Clifton - Episode One

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